Herra Beach Resort


Herra Beach Resort


High quality accommodation services.

Enjoyable and stress free vacation awaits every visitor of Herra Beach Resort. We are happy to give our visitors a vacations they will never forget. We are honor to serve our visitors with a very kind and hospitable attitude and our full beach resort services is exceptional.

Herra Beach Resort in Zambales is designed for our visitors who want to gift themselves with fulfilling relaxation and comfort.  Searching a peaceful and relaxing beach adventure is hard, But we can provide you the right package for your vacation experience. Accommodation are melding with the modern traveler’s essentials, also boasting with coziness and style.  We also designed it to fit every visitors lifestyle and we make sure every detail of our beach resort is done with utmost maintenance.


The forever mission is really to preserve the gracefulness of Herra Beach Resort. To remain hospitable  while the world changes. We always improve our facilities to meet visitors expectation and make them astonished to the cleanliness of our beach.

  • Hospitality 100%
  • Facilities 56%
  • Beach Cleanliness 89%


Herra Beach Resort ensures the visitor’s security by installing CCTV in all corners of the resort. Herra Resort also hired lifeguards to ensure children and also adults security upon enjoying the one white sand, wide area of beach and with three swimming pools. The front desk clerks of Herra Resort are all smiling face and can be approached in any question about the resort. Surfing board, lifebuoy and many more in Herra beach can be rented.


Herra Beach Resort beds are not just a simple bed, It has a high quality spring beds and the wood of the beds are specially customized by professional carpenters from the province itself.


It is part of great quality service in Herra Beach Resort is the 24 hours front desk service. Herra Beach Staff is very approachable anytime of the day. Questions will always be valued on us.


The unique architecture of Herra Beach really make it stand to other resorts in iba. Herra Beach have 3 Pool with cottage in middle of the pool, and it also 4 more cottages just beside the pool.


In our current generation internet is part of our needs. Herra Beach provides you a high-speed internet connection for all guests, for them to post their awesome photos in Instagram, Facebook, others.


Beach as primary reason  you will visit Herra Beach resort. You can access the beach anytime of the day but for the security of the guests 10pm onward beach access will be forbidden.

Herra Beach Resort is the largest privately owned and operated in Zambales. Situated along sandy white shores and turquoise waters, Herra Beach Resort offers the best location for beach vacations and group events. Herra Beach is a full-service beach resort, having everything a visitor needs right on the property. From recreation, celebrating, dining to relaxing in your total vacation experience is stunning. Even better, there are no hidden fees. Herra Beach Have comfortable rooms with balconies grant you majestic views of the oceanfront. Each of our 36 luxurious guest rooms come with its own balcony so you can take in amazing views of the resort. An indoor and beach volleyball help you stay active and entertained. We welcome groups of all sizes. With the largest beach in zambales, including 5,000 square feet of event space, we can accommodate any event. Whether it’s your dream wedding reception or debut, our massive event venue allows you to host the perfect event. Complete a wedding inquiry to begin planning your event at Herra Beach Resort.


The team is dedicated to offer unique and authentic vacation experiences to guests of Herra Beach Resort. We have 1 that manages on site daily, each with their own specialty on handling every guests. Herra Beach Resort management also make sure of the security of every guests and their belongings. Herra staff team always look for possible improvements of the facility, and they also do monthly cleanup not only for the beach but for the whole baranggay bangantalinga as part of their mission, not just to earn but also to serve and preserve the environment.



Simply send us message about your query on the above mail or simply click the email link. We will answer you within 24hrs.


All kinds of travellers visit our location on the heart of Zambales. Iba is known for its good food and beautiful beaches.


You can call or text us anytime and anywhere at our hotline above. We  value every question you will send to us.