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One of the Best Resorts in Zambales

Herra Beach Resort

Discover the Hidden Charm of Bangantalinga

Herra Beach Resort

“Giving self a break to a stressy world puts you mind in peace,
makes your heart smile, and let your soul to fly.”

 Herra Beach Resort in Zambales is designed for our visitors who want to gift themselves with fulfilling relaxation and comfort.  We also designed it to fit every visitors lifestyle and we make sure every detail of our beach resort is done with utmost maintenance. Searching a peaceful and relaxing beach adventure is hard, But we can provide you the right package for your vacation experience. Accommodation are melding with the modern traveler’s essentials, also boasting with coziness and style. 

Our Gallery

Our Rooms

You can choose in 3 types of rooms , but we have 46 Rooms total in Herra Beach Resort.

All Rooms are Air-conditioned and have some basic needs for a room. 

Small Room

  • Occupancy : 3 Persons(s)
  • Size: 110-150sq
  • View: Harbour

Big Room

  • Occupancy : 3 Persons(s)
  • Size: 110-150sqm
  • View: Harbour

Suite Room

  • Occupancy : 3 Persons(s)
  • Size: 110-150sqm
  • View: Harbour

Herra Beach Ammenities











We at Herra Beach Resort Zambales are passionate about creating space for our visitors where they can express their self freely and unwind alone or together with their family and friends. We assure that every visitors first step here in our beach resorts will be greeted with the warm Filipino hospitality of our staff. We believe that the true luxury should not be signified in the price, but the standard quality of the services we can provide to our visitors.

The relaxing ambiance starts here, you really get the feeling that this would be the perfect place to just sit and adore the surroundings.

A Little About Us

Inspiration can be found  anywhere

Herra Beach Resort is located at a unique spot on the north corner of zambales. Herra Beach is the core of the enchanting and peaceful Area with the charming long beach, with big cottages, numerous nearby shops and lots of other facilities which merge together to create unforgettable memories for both day and night of the visitors. Herra Beach Resort Operates all continuously, having a vast number of repeated customers as the unquestionable certification of guest’s satisfaction and unsurpassed hospitality.

FAQ and Location

How to go in Herra beach resort from manila?
From manila Sampaloc station, Just go to victory liner station and look for buses that go to Iba or Sta. Cruz.

When you ride in an Iba bus it will take 6hours to finally get in their last stop on their bus station in Iba and should ride a tricycle or jeepney. Just tell to the tricycle or jeepney driver to drop you in the resort Herra Beach Resort is only on highway.

When you ride in Sta. Cruz bus, it will take 6hours and 20mins to get on Herra Beach Resort Directly. It is noticeable because it is only in highway. Just tell to the driver to drop you in herra beach.

Where will I park my vehicle?

As part of Herra Beach Resort great amenities is Free Parking. You will worry no more about where to park your vehicles.

Where do I get food?

Iba is the center of zambales province. You can have fresh fishes, vegetables etc.

Just outside the Herra Beach Resort. You can ride a tricycle for easier navigation or ride a jeepney. The public market is very near that’s why if you get hungry, you can easily buy the food you want.